Nokia 208 - Check your voice mail

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Check your voice mail

Did you let your calls go to voice mail when you couldn't answer? Listen to the messages people have

left you at a convenient time.
To use voice mail, you may need to subscribe to the service. For more info, contact your network

service provider.
Before using your voice mailbox, get your voice mailbox number from your network service provider.

Check your order confirmation or your network service provider's support website.
To set up your voicemail, select Menu > Messaging > More > Voicemails > Voice mailbox no., and

type in your voice mailbox number.
1. To check your voice mail when you just missed a call, select View on the home screen.

2. Select Options > Call sender.

Tip: To quickly call your voice mail, press and hold 1 on the home screen.

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Listen to your voice mail later

Select Menu > Messaging > More > Voicemails > Listen to voicemails.