Nokia 208 - Mail for Exchange

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Mail for Exchange

Would you like to have your work mail, contacts, and calendar at hand, whether you are sitting by your

computer or on the go with your phone? You can sync the important content between your phone

and a Microsoft Exchange server.
Mail for Exchange can be set up only if your company has a Microsoft Exchange server. In addition,

your company IT administrator must have activated Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for your account.
Before starting the setup, make sure you have the following:
• A corporate mail address
• Your Exchange server name (contact your company IT department)
• Your network domain name (contact your company IT department)
• Your office network password
Depending on the Exchange server configuration, you may need to type in additional info during the

setup. If you don't know the correct info, contact your company IT department.
During the setup, you can define how often you want your phone to sync your mail with the

server.Only content defined when setting up the account is synced. To sync additional content,

change the Mail for Exchange account settings.
With Mail for Exchange, it may be mandatory to use the lock code.
This device is able to communicate with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync enabled servers. The

provision of this device to you does not grant you, and you do not receive, any rights under any

Microsoft intellectual property with respect to any server software, or server device, that is accessed

using this device or with respect to use of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync apart from this device.